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Darren Price AKA Vic B’Stard

My name is Darren Price and I write about video games, movies, comic books, technology and other geeky stuff.

Originally from the UK I’m now based in Sydney, having moved from over from New Zealand in 2012. I’ve not called the UK home for many years.

I’ve been messing about with technology and video games for over thirty years and writing about it for the last seven. As a dedicated follower of geekdom, I collect comics books and often worry myself with the about of useless sci-fi trivia that I seem to be able to recall.

I firmly believe that I once nearly run over a former Doctor Who and Death Star commander which riding through an English seaside town on my motorbike.

In the past I’ve been a regular contributor to both New Zealand’s Netguide and Game Console magazines, as well writing the daily gaming news on the Techday.com website. I’ve also written for Game Culture and NZGamer.com

I write video game related articles, news and reviews for the Game Console section of New Zealand’s top online technology portal Techday.com. More recently I’ve taken the role of Senior Editor for Shane the Gamer AU, co-coordinating news and reviews with the help of a small team of Sydney-based video game writers.

Over the years I’ve generated a large amount of material, some of which has been published and some of which has not. VicBStard.com is a repository for some of my old articles in their original form – sometimes without editorial restraint – and a place to find my latest musings on the video game industry, technology and other geeky shit.

I hope you enjoy it!

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