Arma 2 free to play

I love free stuff. I especially love free games. Bohemia Interactive have launched the public beta of Arma 2: Free. If you have never played Arma and are even remotely interested in PC shooters then you should check out Arma 2: Free. Be warned, the Arma experience is a no holds barred combat simulation that takes no prisoners.

Arma 2: Free screenshot

This free version of Arma 2 gives players all the online capabilities of the full game but without the single player game or support for community-made plugin modules . Players will still be able to make their own custom scenarios, which to be honest is the best thing about the game, anyway.


Bohemia has also announced Arma X: Anniversary Edition. This pack features all the Arma games: Cold War Assault, Resistance, Armed Assault, Queen´s Gambit, Arma 2, Operation Arrowhead, British Armed Forces and Private Military Company. It is worth noting the first two titles Cold War Assault and Resistance which are actually remakes of Bohemia’s original Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and its expansion, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. Arma: Cold War Assault will be available for download free of charge to owners of the original Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis or the Game of the Year Edition.

For more details of the above check out Bohemia’s website here.