Bioshock Infinite: “Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus?” video released

Not your daddy’s Bioshock!

If you’d asked me recently, “have you been following the development of Bioshock: Infinite?” I’d have said “no”. I’m a great fan of the first game, but I struggled to get into the second one.

Bioshock Infinite, being a complete reshuffle of the franchise was on my radar, but not of immediate concern.

Well that has all changed, as of right now, following the viewing of this AMAZING faux-documentary video. The short film offers us an insight into the origins of the floating city of Columbia and asks more questions than it answers.

As the 2K blurb-writers say, “In this “Truth From Legend” segment, Alistar Bloom attempts to unlock the mysteries of Columbia, and reviews artifacts that pose new and troubling questions about the city.”

Well there you have it. Check the vid out, below: