Blake’s Junction 7

The wrong logo, I know.

A few years ago I heard word that a group of British comedians had taken part in a short film lampooning the cult 70s BBC sci-fi show, Blake’s 7.

The 15-minute short, entitled Blake’s Junction 7, has the team arriving in a car, with caravan attached, at a motorway services area at the titular junction 7. I’ve finally found a copy of the short on YouTube, which I’ve embedded below.

The film was actually shot at the Newport Pagnell Welcome Break between junction 14 and 15 of the M1 and features a veritable who-who of British comedy. Watch out for Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins, John Watson) as Avon, Mark Heap (Spaced) and Avon and Mackenzie Crook and a spooky-looking Servalan, the female leader of the Federation.


Part One:

Part two: