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The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood PC review

The Elder Scroll Online continues to mine the rich backstory of Bethesda’s premier franchise. This year players get the chance to return to Oblivion in the major expansion, Blackwood. Continue reading The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood PC review

Days Gone PC review

Another former Sony PlayStation exclusive makes its way over to PC, this time it is the zombie action game, Days Gone.

The last couple of years have seen three of Sony’s much-lauded PlayStation exclusives transition to PC.  Hideo Kijima’s weird walking simulator, Death Stranding was the first, closely followed by the post-apocalyptic action RPG, Horizon Zero Dawn. Days Gone is the third game to get a PC makeover. Continue reading Days Gone PC review

MLB The Show 21 PS5 review

This year, Sony’s baseball extravaganza, MLB The Show 21, is a game of firsts. It’s the first iteration to appear on a next-gen gen console and the first to be available on Microsoft’s Xbox console platform. Continue reading MLB The Show 21 PS5 review

MotoGP 21 PC review

Veteran motorcycling game developer, Milestone, presents this year’s iteration of its official MotoGP game, MotoGP 21.

In another Covid year of restrictions, video games continue to entertain and excite us with digital versions of sporting events and championships from the relative safety of our homes.  Continue reading MotoGP 21 PC review

Outriders PC review

Square Enix and People Can Fly step into the looter-shooter arena with their sci-fi game, Outriders.

When Halo veterans, Bungie departed Microsoft and the franchise that made their name, we all wondered what would come next. The answer was Destiny, a cross between the first-person shooters that Bungie was famous for and a persistent multiplayer online game. This first game did well, despite its faults: lack of story and infamous moon wizards. The second game, the imaginatively titled Destiny 2, established the franchise as a modern classic, defining the multiplayer looter-shooter genre. Continue reading Outriders PC review

WRC 9 The Official Game Nintendo Switch review

KT Racing  takes this year’s official World Rally Championship game, WRC 9, and squeezes it into the Nintendo Switch.

I’ve long admired KT Racing and their WRC games. Whilst not as polished as the likes of the Codemasters Dirt Rally games, I could never fault them on the car physics. For an outfit seemingly more about the racing than the visuals, it’s pretty reasonable for them to adapt their WRC series for the Nintendo Switch. Continue reading WRC 9 The Official Game Nintendo Switch review

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 PC review

Time for some off-road action driving huge trucks courtesy of Monster Jam Steel Titans 2.

Off-road veterans Rainbow Studios have been providing me with thrills and spills right back to 1998’s original Motocross Madness. In recent years they’ve pitting motocross bikes against quads in the MX vs ATV series. The developer has since moved on and invites players into the over-the-top world of monster trucks. Continue reading Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 PC review

Doom 3: VR Edition PSVR review

Bethesda continues its admirable support of virtual reality gaming by bringing another of its back catalogue to PlayStation VR. This time, following Skyrim, Fallout 4, and the Doom reboot, it’s the turn of Id’s seminal Doom 3 to get an added dimension. Continue reading Doom 3: VR Edition PSVR review