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The amazing versatility of Nintendo characters

It’s a credit to Nintendo that their unique characters can be adapted for use in game genres that you may not have immediately thought that they were a fit for. On a recent trip I revisited a couple of these genre-hopping Nintendo Switch games. Continue reading The amazing versatility of Nintendo characters

Observation PC review

There’s reason I’m writing this review for you and I’m not, instead, an astronaut. It has less to do with my lack of a previous career in the US Airforce or a specialist doctorate, and more to do with me watching far too many unnerving sci-fi movies in my formative years, putting me off the idea for life.

Even today, I can’t pass on any TV or movie that offers spooky goings on in space. But still, the idea of being alone on a creaking spacecraft and getting a visitation from an alien intelligent scares the bejesus out of me.

Because of this, No Code’s Observation is right up my alley. Continue reading Observation PC review

Blood & Truth PlayStation VR review

For me, virtual reality has always been about the experience rather than the gameplay. Right at the very beginning, playing A Chair in a Room: Greenwater with the HTC Vive, I realised that the potential of VR was which it’s ability to immerse the player in the game environment. A Chair in a Room does this by having the player trapped and surrounded by some very unnerving goings on. The game has a massive level of immersion. I remember being amazed at detail of the toilet in the corner of my cell, with a “do not use” warning. Of course, none of this would translate well to 2D. Experiences like this, I thought, were the future of VR.

But this not really how it’s gone. Continue reading Blood & Truth PlayStation VR review

Rage 2 PC Review

Bethesda’s follow-up to their so-so 2010 post-apocalyptic shooter, Rage, is upon us. This time, rather than handle Rage 2 in-house, exclusively using id software, the publisher farmed out some of the development duties to Avalanche Studios, who are no strangers to open-world and post-apocalyptic games.

Continue reading Rage 2 PC Review

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered PS4 review

Just when I thought that the era of “remastering” games was over, Rebellion have polished up their aging Sniper Elite V2 for the current gen of consoles.

2012’s Sniper Elite V2 cemented Rebellion’s WWII third-person sniping franchise as one of the greats. In 2014, Sniper Elite III swapped Berlin for WWII’s North African theatre of war, and further refined the gameplay. Sniper Elite 4 released in 2017 sending players over to Italy and offering a larger, more open world environment in which to operate. Continue reading Sniper Elite V2 Remastered PS4 review

Anno 1800 PC review

With Anno 1800, Ubisoft return from a two-game sci-fi sabbatical, taking the series back to its historical roots, this time to the Industrial Revolution.

Despite being somewhat a fan of city builders and strategy games on the whole, I’d never played an Anno game. I’m not sure why, but they certainly looked a lot more complex that the likes of SimCity and Cities Skylines. Continue reading Anno 1800 PC review

World War Z Xbox One review

World War Z is a good movie, despite the clear differences from the book. The 2013 Brad Pitt starring zombie movie is even better than you remember it. With a sequel still a while of, releasing a tie-in game based on the movie is a bit surprising.

I’ve not been following the development of Sabre Interactive’s licenced World War Z game and, to be honest, I wasn’t holding out much hope for it. Despite the film’s success back in the day, World War Z isn’t a triple-A licence. Continue reading World War Z Xbox One review

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice PS4 review

Before I start, I’d like to point a few things out. Sekiro will likely already have a feverishly loyal user base, and they will love the game, just as they loved From Software’s Dark Souls games and Bloodborne. This review is not for those guys, who should go out right now and pick up Sekiro. This review is for the rest of us. Continue reading Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice PS4 review