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Gemini Man movie review

Awarding-winning director Ang Lee uses the latest in filming making technology to pit a 50-something Will Smith against, well, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, in Gemini Man.

I’m a huge fan of 3D movies. I have even resorted to importing the last few Marvel movies that have not had a local 3D Blu-ray release. Done properly, 3D adds so much to a movie. Unfortunately, most 3D movies are converted in post-production rather than being shot natively in 3D. Many 3D movies also suffer from cross-talk as a result of the polarisation used to generate the effect. Continue reading Gemini Man movie review

The Predator Blu-Ray review

The Predator is faced with a problem from the start. How do you reboot a franchise without alienating either the fans of the original and a new audience who see the original film as nothing but 80s shtick?

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Marvel’s Black Panther review

If someone had told me, twenty years ago, that Black Panther would be a major motion picture, whilst Daredevil and The Punisher were relegated to TV, I wouldn’t have believed them. In the Marvel comics, T’Challa’s adventures were usually as a supporting act for another character, his native Wakanda and its source of vibranium being of more importance.

But here we are with Black Panther, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s eighteenth movie in the ten years since its inception. Continue reading Marvel’s Black Panther review

Sucker Punch Extended Cut Blu-Ray review

Sucker Punch, the saucy, sexy, girl-power, ass-kicking movie from director Zack Snyder is being release in North America on Blu-ray and DVD on 28th June. I’ve had a chance to check out the extended Blu-ray cut of the film.  Whilst there’s no news on the New Zealand release date, the North American Blu-ray is region fee and thus available for us all from and other US outlets.


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