D-Link AC1200 4G/LTE Cat 6 Wi-Fi Hotspot review

D-Link AC1200 4G/LTE Cat 6 Wi-Fi Hotspot review

D-Link’s DWR-933 AC1200 4G/LTE Cat 6 Wi-Fi Hotspot allows users to take their Internet connectivity with them.

The pocket-sized hotspot offers up to 32 Wi-Fi connected client devices Internet speeds of up to 1200Mbps. In practice, the actual bandwidth very much depends on the quality of the 4G network coverage in the area. The available bandwidth is not going to be suitable for 32 devices watching Netflix. The device is, however, perfect for network coverage if required in a remote location. Anyone naive enough to trust the complimentary Wi-Fi in conference facilities will know what I mean.

There nothing to the DWR-933. It’s a palm-sized box made from rather thin plastic. The front has a leather embossed pattern which gives it a bit of class. There’s a little display window that provides the mobile network and battery status.

D-Link AC1200 4G/LTE Cat 6 Wi-Fi Hotspot review

The size of the device is determined by the removable (and so replaceable) 3000mAh battery. Behind the battery are the microSIM and microSD sockets. The kit comes with a plastic caddy for all you fancy nanoSIM folks out there.

The inclusion of a MicroSD socket is interesting as apart from being recognised as an external drive when I plugged the device into a PC, I’ve found no media server settings. So, unless you fancy turning the device into a very expensive flash drive, you will probably be OK with the small amount of onboard storage.

Setting up the DWR-933 is easy. The device can be connected to, in the first instance, either by using the included USB cable or wirelessly via the default Wi-Fi network credentials written on a sticker on the underside of the battery cover. You should change these as soon as you can.

Once connected, type “192,168.0.1” in a browser to access the device’s web menu. After entering the default access credentials, the device can be set up either manually or using the wizard. The device has most of the settings that you’d expect from a larger D-Link router, in that you can observe clients and even set up a DMZ.

D-Link AC1200 4G/LTE Cat 6 Wi-Fi Hotspot review

As well as all the usual functions that you’d find on a router web menu, there is also a built-in client for sending and receiving SMS messages. An interesting, but likely unnecessary function for most.

After set-up, connecting client devices can be done by connecting via SSID and entering the WPA password key. There’s also a WPS button for quick connection for supported devices.

The DWR-933 caters for Wi-fi 5GHz and 2.4GHz connections up to the 802.11AC wireless standard. Given the device’s tiny form, don’t expect much in the way of range. It should be fine in a large room, but I lost the signal after about twenty meters or so.

D-Link AC1200 4G/LTE Cat 6 Wi-Fi Hotspot review

The D-Link AC1200 4G/LTE Cat 6 Wi-Fi Hotspot does exactly what you want it to do and little else. A media server would have been nice, but providing a portable wireless network and Internet connection for up to 32 clients is no mean feat.

The light, palm-sized unit easily fits in your pocket. It’s an essential device for every course tutor and presenter that usually relies on the wireless Internet at conference facilities or external premises. The DWR-933 is a great way to ensure that your devices always have Internet access when you are on the move.