E3 Aftermath: EA Trailers

EA @E3
EA @E3

I’ve already had a sneak peek at FIFA 14, but as you’d expect the rest of EA’s slate for the year ahead looks equally amazing. There’s a few surprises as well, like Mirrors Edge and Command & Conquer.

Check below for the E3 trailers for EA’s upcoming releases, as kindly supplied to me by my good friends at EA Australia. Enjoy!



Dragon Age: Inquisition Official E3 2013 Teaser Trailer — The Fires Above


Need for Speed Rivals Cops Vs Racer Trailer


Battlefield 4: Official “Angry Sea” Single Player Gameplay Video


Battlefield 4: Official “Siege of Shanghai” Multiplayer Trailer


Battlefield 4: Official Commander Mode Trailer


Mirror’s Edge Announcement Teaser Trailer – Official E3 2013


Command & Conquer – E3 2013 Official Trailer – “Welcome Back, General”


FIFA 14 Official E3 Trailer- Xbox One & PS4


EA SPORTS UFC  Official E3 Trailer- Xbox One & PS4


NBA LIVE 14 Official E3 2013 Trailer- Xbox One & PS4


NHL 14 Official E3 2013 Trailer


Madden NFL 25 Official E3 2013 Gameplay Trailer- Xbox One & PS4