Far Cry 3 Experience Episode 1 is out in the wild

FarCry 3 Box art
The taste of paradise!

Later this month Ubisoft will launch the second of its big guns for this holiday season. Whilst Ubisoft’s much anticipated Assassin’s Creed 3 currently has gamers leaping around dispatching denizens of colonial America, their next release, Far Cry 3 will take us all to an island paradise.

Or it would be an island paradise if it wasn’t for all the nutters that live there. I’ve already spend quite a lot of time on Far Cry 3, racing around the island and taking out the motley rabble that call the place home. The return to a tropical location, like in the first game, is very welcome after the intriguing, but comparatively bland African setting of Far Cry 3.

To promote the game Ubisoft have commissioned a four part live-action web series staring Chris Mintz-Plasse (Superbad,Kick-Ass) who, as he has gotten older, has lost a lot of his awkward dorky-ness. So if you are a Far Cry fan, and can get around the strained and somewhat unfunny Mintz-Plasse, you may enjoy Ubisoft’s Far Cry Experience. I’ve embedded the first episode below.