Game Console news roundup at

I write the daily gaming news on New Zealand technology website, the online home of Netguide magazine and Game Console.

News came thick and fast this week, making it difficult to decide what to write about. In the end I settled on these little morsels.

Bye, bye baby

I shed a tear with Bungie, as they waved goodbye to their baby, Halo. After ten years the developer officially handed the franchise over to Microsoft.

I took a look at the new trailer for the Codies F1 2011. This year season seems to shaping up nicely promising a better looking a more realistic experience for racing fans.

The suggestion that Microsoft were planning on allowing Windows 8 PCs to play Xbox 360 games was investigated. An idea that is so strange it may just be true. .

Team Bondi gave us a toke on their L.A. Noire DLC, Reefer Madness. Detective Phelps back on the vice desk for this, the last of the announced DLC for the game.

Show me the money

And finally, I took a look at the upcoming Call of Duty Elite stat tracking and social networking extension for the hit FPS franchise. What are the implications of the premium features of the service on the overall Call of Duty player experience?