Game Console news roundup at bumper edition

Game Console News

It has been a busy week. The absence of a roundup last weekend means I’ve got two weeks worth of gaming news to summarise this time.

Why have I been so tardy? Well, it’s cramming time. As the seasonal deluge of games approaches, it’s time to get through all those great games that I never quite licked before the sequels arrive. I want to avoid another Fallout 3/New Vegas issue where the sequel just sits there, gathering dust because the last game wasn’t completed.

I’ve had Ezio free-running around Rome collecting flags, Bruce Wayne solving riddles in Arkham Asylum, as well as  taking a last trip to Tamriel before I ship off to Skyrim. I’ve also rediscovered Just Cause 2 and the pleasure of taking down zombies with a shotgun in Left 4 Dead 2.  Like I said busy.

So what has been happening in the gaming world according to my last two weeks worth of Game Console news on

Take that

I started out by getting all hot under the collar about Deus Ex: Human Evolution. Not only is the game leading the charge with a 25 August release date, but it is also leading the way with gushing European reviews. More here.

Eve Online space-farers having been rewarded for sharing their exploits on a new social website come cynical advert, Eve is Real. Full story here.

Activision canned True Crime: Hong Kong because is was crap, this hasn’t stopped the commercially astute company from flogging the incomplete game to Square Enix. Read it here.

Ticket touts

EA launched its season ticket for armchair sports fans. It all sounds better than it is likely to be. Score more info here.

The final pack of undead filled multiplayer fun is coming soon for Call of Duty: Black Ops, just in time for everybody to abandon the game for Modern Warfare 3. See more here.

Futuristic city-builder Anno 2070 got a teaser trainer released ahead of this years Gamescom. Watch it here.

Future shocks

EA and Steam’s falling out claims another victim. It is announced that Battlefield 3 will not be available on Valve’s Steam service. Check it out here.

I got all excited about the new of a shiny NZ collector’s edition for Skyrim, only to find out that they only a handful of the bloody things were being shipped to NZ. JB Hi-Fi let be pre-order one, but I’m still not 100% convinced I’ll see one come my way. Read the full story here.

Xbox Live Arcade hit RPG, Bastion, is on its way to PC. The award-winning game features a quirky and original style that is sure to stand it in good stead with PC gamers. More here.

PS3 fans can now take in some HD stealth action with the first three re-mastered Splinter Cell games now available from the PlayStation Store. Sneak here for the full story.

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