Game Console news roundup at final edition
Game Console News

Last week was sadly my last week writing the daily gaming news for the Game Console section of

Whilst I’ve had a blast reporting on the gaming scene for New Zealand gamers, it was time to move on a try something new. Hopefully I’ll have the odd item on the site again in the future.

Whilst changes have been afoot (more on that soon), I’ve not had the time to do my usual Game Console news roundup. So, for the second time in four weeks, I present two weeks worth of my gaming news snippets.

Anno 2070
Nice game shame about the voiceover

Ubisoft’s City-building franchise stepped into the future with Anno 2070. In advance of Gamescom, the top publisher decided to show of the game’s new trailer. Whilst the game looked good, the trailer featured what must be the shitest voiceover in gaming trailer history. My toes are still curling. Check it out here.

When EA aren’t bad-mouthing Activision, they are telling the world just how shitty Valve’s terms and condition are for their Steam digital distribution system. The falling out has nothing to do with EA’s own Origin digital distribution system, which is mandatory install if you want to play Battlefield 3 on the PC. Go here for more.

Warners and DC announched that it was going to get a bit chilly for Gotham’s protector in Batman: Arkham City. The potential game of the year has added Mr freeze to its motley collection of bat-villans. More bat-news here.

The demo of the spiritual successor to Black, Bodycount was release on Xbox Live and I figured that I’d let folks know all about it. Guaranteed to divide its audience, the game promises to provide an over-the -top FPS experience, using what looks like PlayStation 2 graphics. More here.

Publishers got to show of their wares at Europe’s Gamescom 2011 expo held in Germany. Sony pushed the aging PSP into the bargain bin with the launch of their cheap plastic PSP E-1000. The Activision CEO asked EA to stop saying nasty things (to which, a few days later, EA came back with a response just short of  a “fuck off”). EA’s Battlefield 3 took the best of show award. See here in full.

Gamescom 2011
Don't mention the war

I had another look into the latest hype surrounding the upcoming release of the PlayStation Vita. Of particular note were the mighty specs of the little machine, on par with the processing capabilities of the PS3. Check it out here.

As Konami set their sights FIFA’s crown with PES 2012, the Japanese publisher has decided to release two demos. The first an unfinished work-in-progress design to get FIFA fans to save their pennies for the reinvigorate Pro Evolution soccer game. The second demo is to be the usual bite sized chunk of the finished retail game. For more click here.

Local boys Sidhe’s All Blacks’ Rugby Challenge confused the hell out of things as the publishers shifted the game’s release date between me submitting the news report and it being put up on the website. Read about it here.

PS Vita
The next iPhone or the next 3DS?

Lastly, back to the PS Vita as the development community sets out to convince us that the new handheld is worth every penny and will not fall on its face like the 3DS. The little machine certainly has a strong batch of launch titles, which to can find out about here.

And that’s that. My last news reports for I can now get on with playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and The Witcher 2.

No, that’s not how it went. No rest for the wicked. One door closes as another one opens.