Game of Thrones star erased from Destiny

Game of Thrones star erased from Destiny

With an 18GB update, Activision have totally removed the vocal talents of Peter Dinklage from their hit game, Destiny. The Emmy award-winning actor, who plays Tyrion Lannister in HBO’s Game of Thrones previously provided the voice of the player’s robotic companion, Ghost.

Derided from the day the game launched, Dinklage’s performance seemed ill-suited to the character, who provides most of the game’s expository narrative. Indeed, the line, “That wizard came from the moon” which was in the Destiny alpha, was ridiculed so much that the developer, Bungie (of Halo fame), removed it from the retail release. Also, Dinklage’s dead-pan line delivery was digitally altered to sound more robotic for the game’s launch.

Just in time for the release of the Destiny expansion, The Taken King, next week, game update 2.0 replaces Peter Dinklage’s voice with that of game voiceover veteran, Nolan North. Most famous for his portrayal of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted games, North’s vocal stylings can also be heard in The Last of Us, Call of Duty and dozens of other video game and animation shows.

The Taken King continues the story of the Guardians as Activision’s award-winning Destiny franchised enters its second year. As well as new story and content in the expansion, with update 2.0 many of the game’s systems have been reworked and tweaked. The level cap has increased to 34 for all players and the controversial light levelling system has been replaced with something more along the lines of traditional RPG experience point progression.

The Taken King will be available on its own as a digital download for players that already have the main game and expansions or packaged with the previous expansions. New players will be able to purchase Destiny with The Taken King and all the other expansions. Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.