Hands-on review: Edifier Spinnaker e30 Multimedia Speakers

Hands-on review: Edifier Spinnaker e30 Multimedia Speakers

Speaker designs tend to follow function over form. Sure, you can get them in hipster-friendly wooden boxes or, if so inclined, a more industrial metallic finish, but they still all look like speakers.

Browsing through the Edifier website in order to take up their offer of reviewing “whatever you like”, the e30 Spinnaker speakers really stood out. Whilst there’s no mistaking that they are speakers, they are not trying to be a vase or some sort of modernist art piece, but they do look rather striking.

The Spinnaker moniker isn’t just a cleaver name and aptly describes the unique, sail-shape of the speakers. They stand at just over 400mm, so they are not really what you’d call discreet. But, if you own a pair of these speakers, you’ll want to have them in full view, anyway.

Not only do they look the business, the sound output is impressive, as well. Not as good as a meaty home cinema set-up, but much better than your average desktop speakers. Each unit houses a 10W tweeter and a 10W mid-range drive, plus a 4” 25W downward-firing subwoofer that delivers an adequate bass sound. Those that like a room-shuddering low-range output can opt to connect an independent sub-woofer via the right speaker.

Sadly, they are not individually powered nor do they have a battery option (which would be a bit impractical, but I’m making a point, here), so you have wires. The right speaker has the power input, Optical in, Aux in/out, optional sub-woofer output and the pass-through to the left speaker, which otherwise just sits there being pretty.

Hands-on review: Edifier Spinnaker e30 Multimedia Speakers

The speakers are Bluetooth enabled so they can be used as an alternative audio output for mobile devices. I’d say that this is possibly the main use for the devices.

The Aux and Optical inputs mean that you can just use the Spinnakers as regular desktop or audio system speakers and ignore the Bluetooth functionality.

Whilst they do look good on your desk, they are styled to not look out of place in the lounge or kitchen as part of your home audio setup. Just pair your phone to the speakers and you can listen to your favourite tunes via Spotify or your preferred steaming audio service.

The package comes complete with a little USB chargeable puck that allows you to control the volume independently of the speakers or your audio device. The remote also allows you to switch inputs and skip forward and backwards through your audio playlist.

Edifier’s Spinnaker e30 Multimedia Speakers are drop-dead gorgeous. They are a versatile pair of speakers that’ll look just as good in your lounge as they will on your desktop. The handy remote offers the control you need from your favourite listening spot. Edifier have not to sacrifice aesthetics or sound quality, delivering an exceptional audio experience from some beautifully-designed speakers.