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Vic B'Stard
Credit where credit’s due.

Due to an administration error, my writing credits got removed from the articles that I wrote on the Game Culture NZ website and accidentally credited to another author.

As I did the writing for free, having the author credit is pretty much the only reward I got for the job, so it was important for me to get the situation sorted out as soon as possible. Apparently the stuff-up was due to me being removed as a contributor to the site; other commitments making me unable to continue writing for them on a regular basis.

Whilst the site’s editor did promptly remove the offending items, we have since worked through the problem and found a solution that has allowed the articles to be reinstated on the site with the appropriate writing credit. I’m happy to report that my articles are back up and can be found here* and here*.

The posts are attributed to GCContributor for WordPress administration reasons (the same reasons that caused the issue in the first place), but my writing credit can now be found at the bottom of every piece of my work.

I’d like to thank Julie Gray for sorting this out and wish Game Culture NZ all the best for the future.


*Sadly, since publishing this report, Game Culture NZ seems to have folded, thus my articles are no longer available. I will be republishing my Game Culture NZ articles on this site in the near future.