Just Clause 3 gameplay reveal trailer released

Just Cause 3 gameplay reveal trailer released

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have released the first gameplay reveal trailer for Just Cause 3, the second sequel in their outrageous smash-hit series of action-adventure games.

Debuting in in 2006, Just Cause and its 2010 sequel took physics-based gaming to explosive new heights, enabling players to unleash mass destruction in new and inventive ways. Darkly comical fun could be had tethering bad guys to gas bottles and launching them skywards.

The scale of destruction was limited only by your imagination, like using cars attached to helicopters as makeshift wrecking-balls and, my personal favourite, standing atop one of a duet of chained together jumbo jets as they perform a beautifully cataclysmic airborne pirouette.

The mayhem continues in Just Cause 3. The new gameplay trailer shows the series’ protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, unleashing his unique brand of chaos and destruction across the Mediterranean island paradise of Medici as he seeks to destroy General Di Ravello’s hold on power by any means necessary.

As with the previous games, Just Cause 3 provides player with all the tools required to unleash pyrotechnical mayhem on an otherwise idyllic locale. In the trailer Rico can be seen derailing a train, leaping from a doomed C130, flying a fighter jet into a building and basically blowing stuff up.

Just Cause 3 can be pre-ordered now at participating retailers to secure the Weaponised Vehicle Pack, shown at the end of the trailer. The Weaponised Vehicle Pack includes 3 x exclusive luxury vehicles primed for action and fully loaded with the firepower to kick start a revolution.

Just Cause 3 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC later this year.

Check out the trailer, below: