Killzone Shadowfall goes co-op with Intercept DLC

Killzone Shadowfall goes co-op with Intercept DLC

I’ve always found the Killzone games good fun. If I’m honest, I’d even go as far as to say that I’d sooner play Killzone over Halo. And that goes for the multiplayer as well.

Even now, Killzone Shadow Fall is still the PlayStation 4 game that I use to highlight the capabilities of the new-gen consoles. The game has amazing lighting giving us possibly the closest thing so far to photo-real gameplay.

Whilst time pressures have meant that I’ve not been able to partake in as much of the multiplayer game as I’d have liked, I’ve spent the last few days online playing the game’s Intercept co-op DLC.

Killzone Shadowfall’s Intercept DLC adds a four-player online co-op mode to the game.

Killzone Shadowfall goes co-op with Intercept DLC

Intercept follows the game’s first DLC offering, The Insurgent Pack– which added a new multiplayer class, extra weapons and some other goodies. It was OK, but nothing special- especially if you’d splashed out hard cash on the season pass.

I’ll be honest and say that even Intercept is hardly a ground-breaking piece of work. It adds a game mode very similar to Gears of War’s horde mode crossed with Battlefield’s domination and a sprinkling of Left 4 Dead.

However, rather than package Intercept up as another piece of DLC, Sony are pushing it as almost its own game. The planned standalone version of the game mode backs this up, as well.

The DLC package contains the Intercept game mode with four new arena-style maps based on areas in the single-player game. Each map has three VSA uplinks that players must secure and defend from Helghast forces.

Killzone Shadowfall goes co-op with Intercept DLC

This is four-player co-op multiplayer vs. AI enemies. Unlike Left 4 Dead, any vacant player slots are not filled with friendly placeholder AI. You are really going to need those four slots filled with other players to succeed.

Before each bout, players get to choose from Assault, Marksman, Medic and Tactician.

Teamwork is the name of the game. With each player taking on a set role in the unit, it is important for the team to work together. Assault players are expected to run into the thick of battle. They can capture an uplink quicker than the other classes. But they are going to need a good Medic on hand to supply ammo and revive them when they fall.

The Marksman needs to find a decent position and take out the approaching enemies before they get too close. Again the Marksman relies on the Medic for supplies and healing. The Tactician (who is obviously a close relation to the Team Fortress Engineer) is armed only with a sidearm, but can construct turrets and shields. Underpowered and vulnerable, the Tactician must fortify his position and then retreat to safety.

Killzone Shadowfall goes co-op with Intercept DLC

Scattered around the maps are Petrusite Capacitors which can be inserted into terminals for points boosted and upgrades such as jetpacks for the whole team.

Whilst I enjoyed playing Intercept, even solo against ridiculous odds, I felt that it was a mode that really should have been included in the retail game. I think publishers Sony Computer Entertainment and the developer, Guerrilla Games, are really pushing their luck with Killzone Shadowfall’s DLC. And unless they can really pull the rabbit out of the hat in the future, I think a lot of season pass owners are going to be left short changed this time.

But, as I said, Intercept is good fun – especially if playing with friends. If you are into Killzone Shadowfall’s multiplayer (and you really have no reason not to be), you ought to pick up the Intercept DLC and give it a go.