L.A. No more

LA Noire
Hell-A Noire

LA Noire developer, Team Bondi has apparenty gone into administration.

UK gaming vetrans, Computer and Video Games are reporting that according to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission the Aussie developer went under on 26th August.

Despite rumours of a bail out from Mad Max and Happy Feet director, George Millar, it seems that the publicly reported falling out between the dev and publishers, Rockstar, was the final nail in the coffin.

After the release of their one and only game, L.A. Noire, Team Bondi has hit the headlines in the gaming press for all the wrong reasons. Several employees have come forward with tale of poor working conditions and unfair contracts, including losing credit for their work if they left before the game was finished.

As much as I wanted to like L.A. Noire, I found it tiresome and repetitive. All style over substance. I’ve no idea why it received so much love. I’ve still got it sitting on top of my Xbox 360 for finishing.

Take a look at CG&V’s article, where they raise a very good point-  where did all the L.A. Noire money go?