Comic Review: Batman: Arkham City #1

Batman: Arkham City #1

Batman: Arkham Asylum took us all by surprise. I was fortunate to get an early playthrough whilst doing a review for Netguide magazine.

I’d be brave enough to say that Arkham Asylum was the best comic book video game ever produced. The game captured the essence of the Dark Knight to perfection. Portraying Batman as he should be: the worlds greatest detective, rather than simply concentrate on the warped mind of a man who likes to dress up as a bat.

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Dallas is returning to our screens

As Hollywood’s imagination vacuum shows no sign of abating, it’s time to dust of another former hit television franchise and give it another shot.

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The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners

Just watched the first series of hit UK comedy show, The Inbetweeners. Ordinarily I’d write here exactly when you can watch this show in New Zealand, but due to the TVNZ site being pretty bereft of any useful info, I’ve no idea. I think it is on the telly at some time or other.

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First look: Game of Thrones

Not your usual swords and sandals affair

I love it when a decent TV show sneaks up on me. So often I look forward to a new genre TV show only to be disappointed.

I was recently given a few episodes of HBO’s medieval fantasy show, Game of Thrones, to take a look at. I’ve noticed that the show is generating a fair buzz on the internet, but live-action swords and sandals generally leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. Ever since those films of Sir Pete’s did marginally well a few years back there has been an overpowering desire for film-makers to deliver “epic” fantasy, which usually ends in tears (Clash of the Titans). Continue reading First look: Game of Thrones

Game Console news roundup at

As you may know, I write the daily gaming news on New Zealand technology website, the online home of Netguide magazine and Game Console.

This week I reported on an internet leak, the changes to the MMO business model, the return of an old hero and a look at two of this year’s top upcoming games.

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Musical interlude: Kurt Shanks…I know that man!

This isn’t a music site, I know. But I got a press release in my email box today that triggered a WTF moment that I thought I’d share.

Auckland singer/songwriter Kurt Shanks, who I used to work with when I lived on the Shore, has just released the video for We Shall Have Another Day, the featured track from his debut EP which will be out in the first week of August.

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Lord of the Rings inspired geek movie coming soon

The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers

We already have web-based TV show The Guild, featuring geekdom’s favourite redhead Felicia Day. Do we need a full-on movie inspired by playing massively multiplayer online role-playing games (thankfully, and more commonly, known as MMORPGs or even better, just MMOs).

The folks who made The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers thought we did. The movie is about a band of friends who embark on journey to a convention in order to participate in a Lord of the Rings Online  competition. Along the way the heroes find themselves in many situations mirroring those found in Tolkien’s tales. The film-makers sought, and gained, approval from both Middle-Earth Enterprises and Turbine, the original developers of the LoTRO game. The movie actually features footage taken directly from the game.

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New Laptop

Vic B’Stard is setting up a new laptop at the moment. So things will be slow this weekend. Normal service will resume soon.

We also have a new NZ URL to call home, so we are also in the process of switching over from to the new URL. More on this soon.

Be seeing you.

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