Sucker Punch Extended Cut Blu-ray available from 28th June

The extended cut of Zach Snyder’s surreal fantasy movie Sucker Punch will be realeased on Blu-ray in North America on 28th June. Whilst there is no date set for a Blu-ray release in New Zealand, the North American Blu-ray is region free.

Sucker Punch is available from

Look out for a full review on this site next week.


Spider-man is going to die

Some time in the next year I’m going to catch up on reading my pile of comic-books. One of those comics is going to feature the death of Peter Parker, otherwise known as Spider-man. Issue #160 of Ultimate Spider-man has the web-slinger finally buying the farm at the hands of his nemsis, The Green Goblin.


In 2007 we saw one of Marvel’s other flagship titles wave goodbye to it’s starring character, Captain America. As is the norm in comic-books, as soon as the “death” hype has died down, the “returns” hype builds up. In Captain America’s case he was returned from limbo just in time for the movie.

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Not enough time

Currently staring at an ever-increasing pile of Xbox 360 games that I may/may not get to start/finish playing due to:

1. the fact that I have an ever-increasing pile of Blu-rays that I may/may not get to start/finish watching

2. the fact that I have an everincreasing pile of comic-books that I may/may not get to start/finish reading

3. the fact that I am the praod owner of a 5 week old baby boy and a 2 year old lad.

4. the fact that I’ve return to play Eve Online after a six year absence and I’m spending to much time mining scordite.*

* I’m even mining scordite whilst writing this at 2am.

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