Posh-looking Sony PlayStation wireless stereo headset coming soon

PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset

Hands up who thinks that the PS3 earpiece/mic is a bit shite.

It may be wireless as all that, but the way it hangs limply from your ear makes you look like a reject from the early 2000s, when pricks would walk around the supermarket with bluetooth headsets in their lugholes. Like anyone is that busy.

As low-tech as it looks, at least the Xbox 360 headset works as it should, filtering out any unwanted noise (except in the case of American thrash metal that some Yanks feel the need to broadcast to all in the COD session). The PS3 headset, no matter how much time you spend setting it up, will still see (or rather hear) fit to pick up that squeaky little fart and let everyone on your team know about it. The audio in a headset enabled PS3 game is often drowned out by the rustling of arses on sofas, lugies being hocked and noses being sniffed. Oh yeah, and those little squeaky farts.

Wireless Headset

PlayStation Move/PS Eye owners can, of course, use the mic attached to their cameras to pick up every last little noise in the room. Including the contents of the entire conversation with the wife explaining that the mic is picking up everything being said- all whilst you search for the cunningly hidden mute control.

Sony have obviously spent the last few years thinking about an innovative solution to the above. And they gave up, instead copying the Turtle Beach design but making it a bit more sexy and expensive-looking so they can charge us more for it.

In any case the new Sony PlayStation wireless stereo headset certianly looks the part. Not so sure about “virual” 7.1 sound, though. Check it out below.