Rabbids Rugby 2011 Haka video released

Rabbids Haka
Bwaaahka? No!

New Zealanders are renown worldwide as being a fairly easy-going and laid-back bunch. There’s not much that’ll rattle a kiwi.

Talking about South African rugby will raise the temperature a bit, but New Zealand has nearly got over the 1995 Rugby World Cup final. The French government’s terrorist bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour back in 1985 will also cause a bit of a stir and not really a topic for polite conversion.

Messing with the Haka is also a big no-no.

I’ve got to question what exactly French video game publisher Ubisoft was thinking when they decided to release a video of those cheeky Rabbids performing their rather questionable version of New Zealand’s beloved Haka. Fiat did a similar thing with one of their