Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless headset review

Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless headset review

The Sennheiser GSP 370 promises a superior wireless headset audio experience with 100 hours between charges. The headset works with Windows PC, Mac and PlayStation 4.

The package comes with the headset, a USB wireless dongle and a USB charging cable. Windows users will also need to download the Sennheiser Gaming Suite. I’d assume the same needs to be done by Mac users as well.

The plastic headset is reasonably sturdy and flexible enough that it’s not likely to snap if twisted. The earpieces are nice and soft, fitting snugly over the ear, insulating against background nose.

The semi-ridged mic that can be raised and lowered (in the raised position the mic is muted). The mic “on” position is low enough to not get in the way, and can be adjusted to move it closer to your mouth, if you like. The volume control is a nice big dial on the right-hand side of the headset, easy to find.

The on-off button is a little slider, out of the way so you are not likely to accidentally switch it off or on again. It sits right next to the USB port for charging.

Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless headset review

The box says there’s about that 100 hours of use between charges. I’d say that I’ve been using them for well over fifty hours over the last couple of weeks. I’ve played though Call of Duty Modern Warfare twice, slipped in a bit more Ghost Recon Breakpoint, had a few mammoth sessions on The Outer Worlds and spent today hooning around with Need for Speed Heat. And I’ve still got 45% battery. When it comes to volume, I don’t mess about either. I like my audio loud and full of bass. So this is a pretty good result.

The PC set-up was reasonably easy. It wasn’t quite the plug and play experience that I was expecting- possibly because I plugged in the dongle before installing the Sennheiser Gaming Suite. Pulling out the dongle and replacing it did the trick. All-in-all, it wasn’t too bad. The headset paired with the dongle without any trouble and the software recognised the headset and dongle allowing me to update the firmware for both without a hitch.

The Sennheiser GSP 370 really highlights the huge advantage a good headset gives you when playing a first-person shooter. The arrival of the Sennheiser headset was very timely, just as I got hold of the PC version of Modern Warfare.

The Sennheiser Gaming Suite software allows you to fine-tune the audio experience. For me that meant switching to 7.1 virtual surround, selecting the “movie” equaliser settings and cranking the reverb up to the max.  Those that like a more refined soundscape can create custom equaliser setting or select from “Flat”, “Movie”, “Music” or “Esports (Treble).  Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless headset review

Having suitably tweaked the audio, Call of Duty Modern Warfare sounded like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie (as nature intended, I’m sure). The Sennheiser headset also enabled me to pinpoint the direction of approaching enemies by the sound of their footsteps. The sound effects were so crisp and intense that at one point I took the headset off just to make sure that it wasn’t my desktop speakers blearing out.

I also tested the headset with a PlayStation 4. Again, the audio was crisp and clear. Perhaps not as loud and full of bass as on the PC (with the help of the Sennheiser Gaming Suite), but still really good. But it was super-easy to set up- just plug the dongle in the PlayStation and you are away.

On both PC and PS4 the headset didn’t cut out once, remaining crisp and clear no matter what was going on on-screen. The microphone, as well, produced crisp, clear audio that was easy for others to hear, in game.

The Sennheiser GSP 370 offers a superb audio experience for PC, Mac and PlayStation 4 owners. It’s easy to set up and the Sennheiser Gaming Suite does exactly what is supposed to do. The 100 hour (plus) of use between charges is fantastic. Whilst I’m no audiophile, I could really appreciate the quality of the audio, and the headset really bought something extra to my gaming experience.

If you are after an easy-to-use premium wireless PC/Mac/PS4 gaming and general audio headset solution, the Sennheiser GSP 370 is certainly looking into.