The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim soundtrack now available in a 4 CD set

Skyrim title
Game of the Year!

My love affair with Skyrim continues. I just can’t get enough of it.

Even though I have the Xbox 360 collector’s edition, having seen the game running with all the settings turned up, I’m tempted to buy the game again on the PC. Perhaps for the second playthrough.

I’m not sure what it is about the game that really does it for me. I did enjoy Oblivion to the turn of 170-odd hours of gameplay (the longest time I’ve played a game, even longer that my 120 hours on FFVII).

I was a bit apprehensive about just how exciting exploring the northern tundra of Skyrim would be compared to Cyrondiil’s comparatively lush climes. The truth is that I love the Norse-inspired setting. Perhaps it’s this setting that appeals to the Viking blood that runs through my veins (which would also explain my berserker’s rage).


One element of the game that must not be overlooked is the fantastic norse-inspired score by top video game composer, Jeremy Soule .

The four-disc Skyrim soundtrack is available exclusively from DirectSong here for US$29.

Skyrim OST
4 CDs of fantastic Skyrim music!

Listen to the traditional Elder Scrolls theme, below, as retooled into a rousing Nordic chant (that, again, may be what triggers something in my latent Scandinavian DNA).