Vic B’Stard’s state of the EB Expo: day two in the bag

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Two down, one to go!

Day two of the EB Expo is over for me. It was similar to day one, but with a load more people.

There were longer lines for everything (including the EB Games store). But yesterday’s hardcore gamers suitably diluted with more…everyday folks. Don’t get me wrong, the cosplayers were still out in force; of note were the middle-aged Jedi silently enjoying a McDonalds with an x-wing pilot. Hats off go to the chunky Wonder-Woman and the skinny, balding Super-man; you are far less self-conscious of your bodies than I am.

Thankfully Sony who, even if they can’t put a decent console together if they wanted to (ask the legions of Skyrim fan that WON’T be getting any DLC for their game on the PS3), provided the perfect antidote to bad cosplay.

Booth babes: banned in Europe but not in Australia!

Banned in Europe, the booth babe is still welcome in Australia. Unfortunately it’ll take more than the Sony girl’s bare mid-riffs and shiny gold hot-pants to get to to counter yesterday’s size 16 Ms. Marvel with her leather clad arse.

Whilst no good for the beach, the light rain was a welcome change to the stifling 30 degree heat from yesterday. To be fair to the organisers, the show floor was still easily navigable and not the squeeze it could have been. A gold star for not allowing the show to be over-subscribed EB Games!

Yesterday I spent the whole day lurking in and around the main show floor. I attended the opening, but never returned to the arena for the live shows. Today, I thought I’d make a point of checking out the EB Live presentations.

Whilst I think that Ubisoft owns the show, their stunning Assassin’s Creed III, Far Cry and Splinter Cell: Blacklist presentations being out of this world, the like of Square Enix are not to be ignored.

Still riding on the success of Sleeping Dogs (stick that Activision), Square Enix were showing off their upcoming Hitman Absolution game and next years Tomb Raider game with live demo presentations of both games. Hitman: Absolution looked stunning with an engine capable of supporting a crowd of a five hundred people. The live demo of their Tomb Raider game suggests that Nathan Drake finally has some serious competition.

All in all another good day. Off to bed now.

Vic Out.