Week in review: E3 Round-up Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Ubisoft and EA media briefing videos

E3 2013 Round-up
E3 2013 Round-up

This is the first E3 that I’ve not actually followed ‘as it happened’. With the launch of two consoles and the amount of media coverage I wasn’t missing out by not staying up all night to watch a few glitzy presentations. Besides, my Twitter feed was full of media peeps all tweeting exactly the same thing.

Over the last few days I’ve been slowly going through the various E3 press show videos that are available on YouTube. I’ve embedded a few below.


Opening with Metal Gear didn’t really show off the Xbox One, but did show off Snake’s next outing. Looks VERY nice.


Sony’s PlayStation One garnered praise for not requiring an internet connection. The cheap shot regarding used-games betrays the low level of maturity and professionalism in the industry. If the games industry wants to be taken seriously it needs to stop acting like a bunch of spoilt kids.

I’ve not watched Ubisoft’s presentation yet!


EA showcased a pretty impressive line-up for the next year!


I’ll be adding to this list as I find more vids!