D-LINK ANZ launches AI-powered DCS-8302LH Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

D-LINK ANZ launches AI-powered DCS-8302LH Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

D-Link ANZ has launched its new DCS-8302LH Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera.

Using AI edge-based person detection, the camera can identify human motion, reducing false alarms. This allows the camera to be used in areas often frequented by animals and pets, allowing for more relevant detection notifications.

A passive infrared (PIR) sensor further reduces false triggers by using infrared heat technology to pick up motion caused by human or animals. This means no notifications every time a bug flies by or trees sway in the wind.

The DCS-8302LH captures surveillance video in 1080p Full HD, at 30 frames-per-second, with a 135-degree wide-angle field of view. The camera can capture everything that crosses its path, even at night, as the camera can see up to 5m in the dark.

It has a built-in microphone for capturing audio and speaker for two-way communication, if required. Users simply speak into their mobile device to broadcast audio live to the camera to let whoever they can see know they are watching, whether they are meant to be there or not. The camera also has a 95dB siren functionality, so it can deter intruders and alert users of a detection any time it occurs.

D-LINK ANZ launches AI-powered DCS-8302LH Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

As well as being suitable for indoor installation, the camera is weather resistant for outdoor use. It has been built with extreme weather endurance, with an operating tolerance of between -25?C and 45?C. Users can check up on their outdoor areas in the harshest winters and in the middle of summer. There’s no need to worry if the camera has frozen up of melted in the heat.

Set-up is easy, using the tried and tested mydlink app, easily adding the camera into an existing mydlink environment or setting one up for the first time. The mydlink app allows access not only to the camera settings and current view, but also to video that has been saved to the cloud. The camera can also record video to a microSD card, support cards up to 256GB.

Wi-Fi connectivity means that the device can be situated anywhere, as long as it is reasonably close to a power supply. The camera comes complete with a stand as well and support for mounting via screws or cable ties.

D-LINK ANZ launches AI-powered DCS-8302LH Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

The camera is an ONVIF compliant device. This prosumer-level feature allows for the easy recording of video streams to ONVIF compliant NVR, VMS or NAS system for centralised viewing or continuous, 24/7 recording. ONVIF compliant devices can also be used to control the camera’s settings independent of the mydlink app.

Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant are supported by the camera. Voice controls can be used to stream live video from the camera to Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show, Echo Spot or Google Chromecast.

The DCS-8302LH Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera is available now from www.dlink.com.au (RRP AUD$199.95), www.dlink.co.nz (RRP NZ$249.99) and from all authorised D-Link partners and retailers in both countries.